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Austin Fletcher

Show Host

After spending 15 years as a full-time traditional Church minister trying to ‘fix’ what was wrong with church (as he saw it), Austin finally realized that the best way to create change was not by focusing on the destruction of what is, but instead focusing on building something new that makes the old system obsolete.  NewAgeChristianity.org and the New Age Christian Podcast are two of the ways that Austin is attempting to play his part in creating a new way of being ‘Christian’.

Austin is known for his ability to explain complex subjects clearly, if not always concisely. When discussing the nuance of spirituality, political ideologies, or any other type of philosophy, Austin’s goal is the same: to help the listener better understand what they believe, regardless of whether or not they agree with him. If, at the end of an episode, you end up feeling like you only listened to him clarify things you ALREADY know, he considers that to be a win. Hearing people say, “That makes sense,” is his favorite moment in any discussion.

Austin is the Executive Director of Category Five Ministries and the Founder of New Age Christianity. He is also the CEO of VerveCast and a founding member of The Epoch.

Steve Reiter and Right Turn Media

Consulting and Editing

Steve Reiter was the chief audio engineer and project manager for Focus on the Family and Family Talk Radio for over 20 years. He founded Right Turn Media in 2018, and has been providing consulting and editing services for podcasters ever since. He and Austin met through a mutual friend, Jamie Englehart, and between their love of cigars and their passion for spiritual growth, Steve and Austin hit if off from the beginning. 

About THE Podcast

New Age Christianity is NOT a mixture of two religions (New Age + Christianity). It is an acknowledgement that EVERYTHING in our world is changing in this new Age of Aquarius, and that this change must find its way into how we ‘do’ spirituality. Humanity has come to expect change and ‘upgrades’ from financial systems, governmental systems, technological systems, healthcare systems, entertainment industries, professional systems, and every other system of society, but for some reason the idea of change and ‘upgrades’ to the spiritual systems (religion) is seen as rebellion and blasphemy. … Oh well.

The New Age Christian Podcast is a weekly discussion about what Christianity might look like in the coming age. It is NOT a static presentation of ‘doctrines’ or bullet points of established beliefs. It is an organic exploration of ideas until they ‘make sense’. If any idea presented on the show is shown to no longer ‘make sense’, we revisit it until it ‘makes sense’ again. It’s that simple. 

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Support The Show

Thank you so much for considering a donation! If you love what you’re hearing on the podcast, show your support by clicking the button below.


We all need people in our lives that consistently help us become who we want to be. While these Guest Hosts aren’t always on the show, their influence is always present. They are more than normal ‘guests’, they are family.

Katriel Wilden

Ron Hale

Kayleen Hale