Have you ever sat down an examined your own spiritual journey? Have you ever considered the ways in which you learn your lessons, and that maybe you could chose to learn them more quickly or with greater ease?

You know, the ‘school of hard knocks’ doesn’t have to be the ONLY source of growth in your life, yet, for so many people this seems to be exactly the case. It is so easy to just sit back, relax, and let life happen to you… especially when it comes to spiritual growth. Sure, you may intentionally learn new skills, pick up a new hobby, or even pursue professional success on purpose. But have you ever thought about how you might go about engaging that same sense of intentionality with your spiritual walk.

In this episode I want to help you do just that… grow spiritually, ON PURPOSE. We cover:

  • How to judge a message by its fruit.
  • Giving yourSELF permission to grow.
  • What it means to be ‘wrong’.
  • The importance of following intuition.
  • All things are permissible.
  • The dangers of ‘making camp’ and settling.

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