For better or worse, I am a spiritual seeker who doesn’t stop. I find truth, I share it with my friends, family, and now my New Age Christian community, and then I keep going. Often, this journey creates a sense of insecurity in those who ‘follow’ my teachings because no idea feels ‘safe’. But the truth is, there are two different types of ideas: principles and conclusions. Principles are ‘safe’. Conclusions are subjective.

I’m currently experiencing what I perceive to be my ‘most important’ series of spiritual lessons for living, and while I’m keenly aware that many of the ideas I’m thinking in this journey are subject to change, there are 3 principles I believe I have learned that will never change as I move forward.

  1. All communication is filtered and distorted by our knowledge. These filters and distortions are NOT the ‘truth’ of a matter. They are simply our personal attempt to convey the truth we are feeling.
  2. Happiness only comes when your external circumstances confirm your internal agreements. Thus, any pursuit of happiness must bring change to either the external circumstances or the internal agreements.
  3. The Kingdom of Heaven within you is happiness that stems from a system of internal agreements that removes external caveats from being required. All of humanity is looking for this system of agreements. All of humanity knows this is where heaven truly resides.

These ideas have largely come from my exploration of a series of books authored by don Miguel Ruiz and his two sons Jose and Miguel Jr. This series of books convey ideas from their family’s Toltec Native American heritage. The original book that started me down this path was their most famous book, The 4 Agreements, but I highly recommend ANY of there books for those who want to consider what their internal world might look like if they were truly living ‘in heaven’.

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