Our first ‘real’ episode! Yay!

This episode is the first of a short series of concepts that New Age Christianity holds as foundational lenses through which we view EVERYTHING in the world. Namely, we don’t believe we are here just to pass some test and go to heaven or hell. Humanity is here for a very powerful purpose, and if our view of the future has ‘getting out of dodge’ as it’s central conclusion, why on earth would we even focus and what we have right in front of us?

In this episode, we attempt to answer this question and explain a bit about the overarching ideas that give us our answer(s).

  • Idea 1: Preterism – 99% of biblical prophecy about ‘the end’ happened in 70 A.D. when Rome COMPLETELY destroyed the Jewish system, and thus, the old covenant along with it.
  • Idea 2: Revelation Revisited – The book of Revelation is not only true when applied to Preterism, but also is a prophetic book about all of us, at any time in our journey where Christ is being REVEALED in us.
  • Idea 3: Hope for the Future – If we don’t have a reason to stay here, we won’t have a reason to bring the Kingdom to Earth. This has been the problem with the Church for a very long time, and New Age Christianity hopes to change this (at least in the lives of those who join us).

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