Have you ever heard of the new ‘religious’ classification that’s been showing up in studies called the ‘Nones’? In short, Nones are people who no longer identify with ANY religious background.

You probably know exactly what I’m talking about… Those intake forms that ask you what your religious affiliation is, and the ever-increasing desire to simply mark ‘none’ because none of the options presented to you are representative of your actual beliefs.

Yeah… that ‘none’.

Well, Ronnie Herrema is the most articulate ‘Noneist’ I’ve ever known, and I believe his journey will resonate with many of the New Age Christians in this community. Heck, the title of ‘New Age Christian’ really only exists so that a bunch of ‘nones’ can have some sort of wisdom tradition to point to in helping others understand what they believe… and even that title (New Age Christian) is intentionally flexible and customizable.

This interview with Ronnie is the second of 3 episodes with him. This one focuses on some of the big picture questions that Ronnie has been asking for the past few years and really comes down to earth regarding his thoughts about God and Spirituality in a way that a lot of ‘New Age Christians’ probably haven’t heard. In full disclosure, there are things in this episode that I don’t personally believe, but NAC has never been about the avoidance of difficult thoughts and diverse ideas. This episode will challenge most anyone who hears it… so… get ready to enjoy!

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