If I’ve quoted it once, I’ve quoted it a thousand times:

JesusWhen you pray, believe that you have what you’ve asked for and it shall be given to you.

Have you ever stopped to consider the idea that maybe this isn’t JUST a formula for how to get the things that you want? Yes… It is certainly the energetic reality of how to pray and get the things you want. I regularly refer to this truth on The New Age Christian Podcast, but it isn’t the only implication of the statement. Underneath the primary intention of the statement, I believe Jesus was pointing us to a deeper truth of the fact that this is how the universe works.

Simply put… You HAVE everything you’ve BEEN believing for!

You might be thinking, “But Austin, I never prayed for sickness, debt, and turmoil.” To which I say, sure, you might have never officially gotten down on your knees and ‘prayed’ for those things, but have you ever considered that prayer NEVER stops?

If you’re a New Age Christian (or you’re at least listening to this podcast), I’m going to assume that you’ve started to understand just how ‘normal’ our spirituality really is. There is no separation between you and God. You ARE the physical manifestation of God in individual form. As such, what you think IS prayer.

In the Bible, Paul encourages us to ‘pray without ceasing’. I would argue that you’ve been doing that your whole life; you just didn’t know it.

In this episode we cover:

  • That you ALREADY have everything you’ve BEEN asking for.
  • Beliefs do not reside in your conscious mind.
  • Do you TRULY believe that NOTHING is impossible?
  • True belief is followed by action.

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