NAC’s goal is to generate an identity (of sorts) the people can rally around. In creating this identity, one of the things that we value is the fact that no one person or group of people should be the ones to define it. That’s why we will be adding BONUS episodes into our podcast lineup as we develop more relationships with other groups that are on the same journey. We’re not sure where this will take things, but we know you’ll enjoy hearing from other people who see things in a complimentary way to you.

This episode was an interview that Austin Fletcher did with Cody an Elaine of The Reckless Pursuit. They are an awesome couple and we’re really excited to share their stuff with the NAC community.

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Have you ever felt like what you were taught about faith was based more on a list of what not to do more than a freedom you feel Christ offers? Or have you ever wondered why we preach sermons of fear more than sermons about overcoming? If so, you are not alone!

This week, we are talking with Austin Fletcher, host of New Age Christianity. We are discussing the freedom of true spirituality versus the controlling fear religion can lead to. Whether you realize it or not, God has set us free from sin nature and law. Austin shares with us his life mantra of trying to live by the verse which states “Everything is permissible”. Most of the time, our first reaction would be to quickly try to finish the second half of the verse but let it sink in: Everything is in fact permissible. Sure, there are things we should not dabble in. This is not an excuse to justify sin. But when you are living according to the Spirit our desire falls in line with God’s purpose.

It’s been over a year since we have done an episode on this very topic and this time, we brought the guy who created the podcast about it! We have entered into a new age of Christianity so let’s explore what God is offering up. Austin’s words are strong and can challenge us but let them sink in. Just because it’s different from what you have always heard doesn’t make it wrong.

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