Assuming you’ve been listening throughout the last 11 episodes of this series, you already know that the universe can only CREATE. It can certainly create destruction, but it can’t create a ‘not’. Telling the universe to create a ‘not’ is like me telling you to not think about a pink elephant. The mere fact that I’ve mentioned a pink elephant dictates that the overall energy of that command is ALL ABOUT a pink elephant. Regardless of my desire to have you NOT thinking about a pink elephant, every time I mention a pink elephant, you can’t help but think a little bit more about a pink elephant. I can even assume that you don’t even WANT to be thinking about pink elephants, but have you noticed that the energy of this entire discussion is now 100% about pink elephants, regardless of our desire for having it be energetically about pink elephants (or not)?

Do you know how we can get the energy of this ‘discussion’ off of pink elephants and on to something else?

You guessed it… just stop thinking about pink elephants. You know that pink elephants are not fun to think about, so obviously the best way to not think about pink elephants is to start talking about how NOT to talk about pink elephants. Everyone knows this is how you stop making people think about pink elephants. Just start telling everyone to stop thinking about pink elephants.


And now you know how the universe feels every time you bring the things you don’t want into the discussion. (I hope it wasn’t too annoying.)

For those who are stuck on pink elephants now… start thinking about black stallions… that should help. LOL

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to focus on what you DO want… not what you DON’T want
  • The importance of vibration over words
  • The lie of scarcity
  • Stop ‘fighting’ things

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