So many of us who have grown up in Christian homes or spent a lot of time around ‘spiritual communities’ have become keenly aware of just how important the thoughts of our heart and the words of our mouth may be. We have played our part in helping our friends catch negative confessions or inverted thought patterns by calling them out on what they think and say. We’ve asked others to help us catch our own lack of belief and not let us spiral into depressed thinking or faithlessness. In a word… we’ve TRIED!

Yet… For all of our ‘trying’, most of us haven’t seen any REAL change in our lives in the areas that we’ve been trying to work on for years. Why is this?

Because thoughts and words are primarily conscious, and conscious activity accounts for only 5% (give or take) of the overall vibration that you carry with you in this world. And NO MATTER HOW MUCH you work on your thoughts and your confessions, if you don’t address your EMOTIONS and FEELINGS, you will NEVER bring those positive desires into the NOW.

In this episode, we discuss the reason why FEELING is the secret to working with the Law of Attraction to intentionally change your life. Thinking about it won’t suffice. Envisioning it won’t cut it. Affirmations won’t change a thing. NONE of these tools will work on their own. But ALL of these tools are useful for getting you to the place where you FEEL that you have the thing you’re asking for. And FEELING that you have what you’ve asked for is the only way to vibrate the proper version of your desires so as to set the creative process in motion that will bring your desires to fruition.

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