The episode is reminiscent of an earlier episode (Episode 23) I recorded with Christopher Teasdale about giving yourself ‘permission’ to change your beliefs, and as a fair warning, I must say… Listen to the next 3 episodes at your own risk!

Ronnie Herrema is a great friend of mine, and as always, he is loaded with insights and challenging observations in this interview. He has a way of putting to words the same things that we all feel, but never say. Whether it is because we are afraid to truly look at the things we’re feeling, unable to articulate the energies we’re experiencing, or too scared to start saying them out loud… we all struggle to tackle certain questions in our lives that Ronnie seems to effortlessly dance with.

In Part 1 of this interview, Ronnie and I start with ‘deconstructing’ fundamentalist Christianity. We are as respectful and honest as we know how to be, so don’t worry about this being a ‘bash the Church’ episode. Nonetheless, the way that Ronnie talks about his own journey out of fundamentalism is … well … refreshing!


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