Honoring others really isn’t all that difficult, yet, for some reason, it seems to be a skill that is almost impossible to find in today’s culture. Worse yet, it is often more difficult to find it in the ‘church’ than it is in the secular world.

My goal with this podcast episode is to continue laying a foundation for what New Age Christianity aims to build as a community of believers. Namely, the type of culture we aim to build… a culture of honor.

Podcast Summary

  1. Every group has a culture. You can either let that culture build itself over time, or you can intentionally build the culture you want from the beginning.
  2. 3 Keys to Not Being an Ass
    – If you get offended, realize that it is YOUR fault.
    – Discussions and/or arguments are not about finding ‘agreement’; instead, they are about gaining ‘understanding’.
    – Knowing who YOU are, makes you unafraid of other’s ideas.

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