As the final discussion of this 3-part interview with Ronnie, I ask him the same question I ask anyone who endeavors to articulate their beliefs through thoughtful discussion… “How’s that working for you?”

In my experience with beliefs, religious or otherwise, it all comes down to the energetic reality of whether or not the things you are engaging with are ACTUALLY working for you. Is your life full of abundance? Are you happy? Do you love being YOU? Etc. Etc. Etc. … You know … that ‘life, and life abundantly’ thing that Jesus talks about? Are the religious practices and spiritual perspectives you engage with actually finding their part in improving your life?

Well… In this interview, I ask Ronnie this question and he begins to share his answer. Hint… it’s actually working for him way better than his previous set of beliefs ever did, but he’ll explain it much better that I can.


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