In this episode, I’m excited to introduce you to my good friend and fellow spiritual traveler, Grant Porteous. Over the past 7 years, Grant has arguably been the most skilled craftsman of the soul that I have had the pleasure of walking with. Sure, I have known many unique and powerful individuals in my life, all of whom have left their own signature on my life (some more than others), but Grant has a unique ability to dig past all of my philosophical bull shit and get to the heart of a matter with one series of questions in a way that no one else can… and he’s done this over and over again in my life.

Like all of us, Grant has journeyed in his life. But unlike most of us, he is STILL journeying in his sixties and has no plans on stopping.

In this discussion I wanted the NAC family to meet Grant, here a bit of his story, gather some nuggets, and get to know yet another journey that likely resonates with your own. I always love having a good chat with Grant because I always walk away with something new to think about or something that was a bit fuzzy becoming more clear. Enjoy!

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