It’s time to kick-off Part 3 of Unpacking The Secret where we start to apply the things we’ve covered in specific areas of our lives. As the title suggests, in this first episode we’re going to discuss how the Law of Attraction applies specifically the Money and Success.

Let me ask you… do you KNOW what your dreams REALLY are? You know… those things you ‘wish’ you had or those goals you imagine yourself accomplishing someday. Have you taken the time and intention to artfully define EXACTLY what those are?

In this episode, I share my favorite financial ‘dreaming’ framework from Tony Robbins’ book, Money Master the Game where it lays out a 5 stage path to absolute financial freedom. The basic premise of this framework is to get you to think TRULY think about how much money you would need in order to never have to work another day in your life and only be living off of the interest your investments (not depleting your principle).

We then focus on what to do once you’ve actually figured out what your dreams are. Following intuition, adjusting your energetic focus, and thinking through your ONE THING are all tools that you can use to start getting yourself lined up for the shortest path from where you are to where you want to be.

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