When it comes to personal development and spiritual growth, I have found that there are many different ‘tools’ one needs to pick up along the way if they want to make any sort of progress with speed. I recently wrote an article for The Epoch about how awareness and intentionality are chief among these tools, but there is something that comes even earlier in the process of change that can stop you from making any movement in your life in any particular direction.

Intentionality and awareness are only useful in the process of change if you marry them with a moment of decision. You can be aware of all sort of things in your life that feel like they may need to be addressed, but if you never make a decision, you will never activate intention. Instead, you become someone who ‘knows’ that you have a bunch of ‘problems’ but never ACTUALLY does something to address them. Does this sound familiar?

In this podcast episode, we have another interview with Christopher Teasdale and we discuss how to build a bridge between your awareness and your intent. As you might guess from the title of this episode, permission is that bridge, and it comes in 2 major forms.

  1. Permission from other people and/or systems
  2. Permission from yourself

In this episode we discuss:

  • Permission in the form of cultural norms
  • How domestication from your family can stop your growth
  • How you can become your own worst opposition to change
  • The role of fear and beliefs in gaining permission
  • The skills of ‘How to be FREE’

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