The idea of ‘Salvation’ has one major underlying assumption in the minds of most religions; we are the ‘problem’.

– Why We Need to be ‘Saved’We are the problem and the natural consequences of being the problem are that we need to be punished or at least pay a price of some sort. If we don’t want to be punished or we can’t afford to pay the price, we must be ‘saved’.

In order for this core idea to exist, we need to have a few supporting ideas:

  1. Judgment – God is unhappy with us, and is judging us accordingly.
  2. Accounting – Everything you do is tracked, and all of your bad deeds are recorded for all eternity.
  3. Rules – If you are tracked and judged, you must have a list of laws by which your actions are measured.

Interestingly enough… Jesus came to GET RID of this entire idea. THIS idea… THIS is what you need ACTUAL ‘salvation’ from!

In this episode we discuss:

  • What salvation REALLY is.
  • The lie of substitutionary atonement (God killed Jesus instead of you).
  • The idea of Hell and how to get out of it.
  • What Romans 10:9 means.
  • Ultimate Universalism

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