It’s been a long time since I’ve even worried about the idea of sanctification and the definition of sin, but many of us in the New Age Christian community are surrounded by friends and family who can’t seem to get past this simple question.

Thanks to guys like John Calvin, the power of the cross and the simplicity of its message have been buried under miles of fear and judgment. What started out as news that was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE (that’s what the word ‘gospel’ means) has turned into news that the world doesn’t even want to hear. And when your gospel doesn’t present a message that is easy and light, you might want to double-check your righteous religious privilege.

In Part one of this discussion we cover:

  • Can God and sin be in the same place?
  • What is the definition of ‘sin’?
  • When exactly is Jesus coming for his spotless bride again?
  • The difference between internal perfection and external perfection.
  • The different types of sin.

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