So… if you listened to Part 1 of this episode, you know that I ended up outlining two different classifications of ‘sin’ last week:

  1. Your sin NATURE (internal)
  2. Your sinful ACTIONS (external)

Last week’s episode was largely a discussion about your internal sin nature.

This week we’re going to take a much deeper look at what it means to be sinless in your external actions. Namely, if there is no longer a list of rules that we all must follow, how on earth do you define what is and isn’t sinful? Do Christians get to define what sin is for the whole world? Do Muslims get to define it? What about politicians … after all, they’re the ones that make the rules aren’t they?

Or maybe… Perhaps there is a more intimate, decentralized source of ‘rules’. Instead of a list of rules written down by other humans, maybe we ALL have equal access to a system of guidance that goes with us wherever we go; through every scenario, every moment, every shift, and nuance of life and morality. Maybe, instead of an external list of laws, we have an internal list of principles.

In this episode we discuss:

  • An overview of Part 1
  • The Holy Spirit is to the New Covenant what the Law was to the Old Covenant
  • The definition of sin
  • What is the Holy Spirit exactly? (Holy Spirit 101 – Episode 15)
  • Practical advice for HOW to live this way in a world with other humans who are also trying to live this way.

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