What an amazing thing LIFE is! In one day on my Facebook feed, I got to see the mourning of the passing of my spiritual brother Christopher Teasdale, the celebration of the marriage of another brother Arun Bulchandani, and the commemoration of the birthday of my wife Joanie Fletcher. I have made new friends in these past few days. Reconnected with old friends in the moments that really matter. Laughed, cried, and laughed some more. There are no words… but the feeling is true… GRATITUDE for LIFE… in ALL its forms.

In this episode of the NAC Podcast, I do my best to explain what I believe the meaning of human existence to be. As the experiential member of the Godhead, humanity’s job is literally to LIVE… at least that’s how I see it these days.

In this episode we cover:

  • The role of humanity in the Godhead
  • The skill and purpose of living in the NOW
  • Understanding the interplay between spirit and matter
  • The roles for your spirit and soul, mind and emotions
  • How to be present in the moment and not be addicted to your thoughts

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