If you got excited when you first found out that we were going to be doing a 12 episode series on The Path to Enlightenment, there’s a really good chance that was the ‘C’ part of you. If you’ve been purchasing every one of the different books that have been recommended throughout this series, I want to say, welcome to the ‘C’ side of life my friend, I’m glad there’s another well informed New Age Christian out there in the world… Some might say… too informed… but still, I’m glad to have the company (I am a ‘C’ myself).

As a continuation of our 4 episodes focusing on the 4 personality types within the DISC personality profile system, this episode focuses on the ‘C’ of the DISC acronym, the Conscientious individuals amongst us. Conscientious personality types are data hounds that are so glad the internet was invented. Got a random question you don’t know the answer to, Google it… Oh wait… your ‘C’ friend already did. Why? Because the most important thing in the world is having the right answers to every question, that’s why.

In this episode we cover:

  • What a Conscientious (C) is
  • The pros and cons of being a ‘C’
  • The best tools (according to Austin Fletcher) for ‘C’s to use in their journey to find enlightenment
  • The role of The Creative Process in the Individual as a tool for freedom
  • What traditional ‘enlightenment’ concepts probably won’t work for a ‘C’

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