The Key Principles of a Perfect World – NAC:11

What does a perfect world look like to you?

Chances are, your answer is centered around a definition of things that no longer exist.  No more war. No more crime. No disease. No death. No pain.

While these would certainly be major markers of a perfect world, have you ever stopped to consider what WOULD have to be in place in order for these things to happen? Is it about having just the right governmental system?  Just the right amount of enforcement? Just the right laws? Just the right amount of control over everything we don’t like and just the right amount of freedom to pursue things we do like?

In the current political climate, I believe the world is in desperate need of a new way to see the world, and in this episode, I do my best to lay out some of the major PRINCIPLES of a ‘perfect world’ and insert them into our current context of broken discourse and collective thought.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Libertarianism and the principles of self-government
  • Collectivism and the human need to group others into easily defined segments
  • Control: The ultimate goal for all governmental action
  • Decentralization as the coming political system
  • The principle of no-harm
  • The definition of a perfect world and it’s relationship to the Kingdom of Heaven

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