You know those people in your life who you just love hanging around because they are so easy going and a delightful to talk to, the people in your network of friends that almost nobody has anything bad to say about… Yeah… They are almost definately an ‘S’.

As a continuation of our 4 episodes focusing on the 4 personality types within the DISC personality profile system, this episode focuses on the ‘S’ of the DISC acronym, the Steadfast(s). Steadfast personalities are the salt of the earth, loyal friends who are always there for you. If you have an emergency at 3AM in the morning, they are the friends that you call first. They are the ‘glue’ that holds our society together, and they would rather talk about your life than theirs… but we’re gonna talk about them anyway.

In this episode we cover:

  • What a Steadfast (S) is
  • The pros and cons of being an ‘S’
  • The best tools (according to Austin Fletcher) for ‘S’s to use in their journey to find enlightenment
  • The role of The Power of Now as a tool for freedom
  • What traditional ‘enlightenment’ concepts probably won’t work for an ‘S’

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