Now that we’ve covered the different paths to enlightenment for different personality types, it’s time to start sharing some of my favorite tools/concepts that I’ve found useful for my own journey. In this episode, Grant Porteous and I discuss a book by Raymond Charles Barker, The Power of Decision and what role your decisions make in your journey.

Truth be told… This may be my favorite episode of the NAC Podcast yet. I always love talking with Grant and I’m very excited for the NAC audience to hear more from him and his unique insights into life. If you want to connect with Grant directly, check out his website at, and be sure to tell him that you heard him on the NAC Podcast.

In this episode we cover:

  • How every decision is essentially a belief
  • How decisions flow ‘down stream‘ to their ultimate end
  • Some trouble shooting tips on how to change limiting beliefs and make different decisions
  • Tons of small insights into the internal mechanism of the creative process in the individual

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