In 1997, Pastor Rick Warren wrote a book called The Purpose Driven Life. This book took the Christian world by storm, and 22 years later its ideas are embedded deep within the subconscious framework of how many people view human existence. The question is, are they accurate ideas?

As the title of this episode suggests, I don’t believe that everyone on the earth has been assigned a specific, divine purpose (as presented in Pastor Warren’s book). Do I think SOME people have a divinely ‘assigned’ purpose? Yes. Do I think 7.7 billion souls are all meant to create a deep and lasting impact on the world as we know it? No.

To be clear… I think The Purpose Driven Life is a great book… for some people. But for many, the central idea that it carries has created nothing but condemnation and striving in their lives, all the while, causing them to miss out on the true meaning of life.

In this episode we cover:

  • The downside of the ideas behind The Purpose Driven Life
  • The true purpose of life
  • How to know if you have a purpose
  • How to interact with others who may or may not have a big purpose

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