We all know the saying made famous by Jesus Christ, “The truth shall set you free.” But have you ever really taken the time to consider the depth of what He’s saying? If so, the chances are that you’ve spent 100% of that time trying to figure out what the ‘truth’ is. But have you ever considered meditating on what freedom is?

Most of us don’t spend any time thinking about the ‘freedom’ portion of this statement because we don’t have to. We KNOW what freedom feels like. We don’t have to wonder or pontificate or search for it. When freedom shows up, we know exactly what it is. That is, of course, unless religion has sufficiently locked you into a prison of rules to the point where you don’t even know that you’re in bondage… but I digress.

Let me get to the point… What would happen if you pursued freedom instead of truth? What if, instead of THINKING your way forward in life, you decided to start FEELING your way forward through life. Do you think, at the end of your pursuit of freedom, that you would be surrounded by more truth or less truth?

Jesus said that the Spirit of Truth would lead us into ALL truth. Paul states that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. It seems to me that truth and freedom go so hand in hand that you might be better off pursuing freedom over truth… But that’s just me.


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