About 7 years ago I started to realize just how REAL Jesus’ life actually was. He had to learn who he was. He had to make a living. He had to go to the bathroom. And according to the Bible, he was even tempted in every way, just as we are.

Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe that verse about Jesus being tempted in EVERY way wasn’t just a vague reference to being human, but might actually have been a hint toward examining the specific temptations he faced in the wilderness? (this is a rhetorical question)

In this episode, I share some of the insights that I’ve gained from studying and meditating on the temptations of Jesus. Here are some of the things you’ll hear:

  • All temptation comes from within (where the devil actually lives)
  • What 2 concepts are found at the starting point of every temptation
  • Why is the temptation of Jesus recorded differently in Matthew and Luke
  • When did Jesus actually ask his disciples to follow him full time
  • What where Jesus’ temptations actually about

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