As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed that the holiday season seems to be garnering more and more negative attention. Whether it be well-meaning Christians who feel the need to point out every little flaw in the historical accuracy or legitimacy of a particular holiday, eco-conscious individuals who lament the tradition of Christmas trees and non-biodegradable tinsel, or budget-minded families who can’t stand the consumerism of Black Friday and gift wrapping; it seems that everywhere you turn, there is a reason to boycott holiday traditions and humbug your way through the next family gathering.

In this episode, we discuss some of the deeper reasons why feasting, gift-giving, and parties are actually a major part of the human story. We were created for many things, chief amongst them, to enjoy living. In my opinion, the constant degradation of the holiday spirit has stemmed from a lack of understanding the basic purpose of these types of celebrations at their core. This, in turn, has set us on the EXACT OPPOSITE path in our attempts to fix ‘what’s wrong’ with the holidays by trimming down and being basic. Instead, I think we should re-frame how we think about these seasons and spend even more time and money on them as we indulge in the beauty of living a celebratory life.

In this episode we cover:

  • What role parties and celebrations played in the true Biblical ‘tithe’
  • How to re-frame the holidays and potentially change your life in the process
  • The reality of consumerism and it’s challenges

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