After 3 episodes (Episodes 82-84) of deconstructing so many of the ideas that we all grow up with, Ronnie wanted to take some time to share a bit of encouragement with the NAC community. As seems to be the new standard for the NAC podcast (not on purpose… it just keeps happening), this interview went pretty long and has been split into 2 episodes.

I personally loved having this chat with Ronnie after the first 3 episodes. While I already knew that Ronnie has great thoughts on what life can look like, post-Christian, I knew that much of the first 3 episodes needed to be ‘concluded’ with some coherent ideas about ‘What now?’, and this interview did not disappoint!

In this first episode, we discuss:

  • Will there be sex in heaven? What about emotions? Will we have our 5 senses? Etc.
  • The process of gaining our 4 names.
  • The process of growing in consciousness and its ultimate manifestation in rebellion.
  • Thinking for yourself is THE POINT.

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