In my journey of studying the Law of Attraction, I have learned one VERY important truth that I find to be consistently overlooked in most presentations of the Law at its principles. Namely, the fact that while thoughts do, indeed, become ‘things’, not all thoughts have equal creative power in their process. In other words…

Not all thoughts are created equally.

For the purposes of making this point, I have distinguished the two major types of thoughts that we have as ‘thoughts’ and ‘beliefs’. Thoughts are conscious. Beliefs are subconscious. The question then becomes… which ones are more powerful, and how can we change them?

In this episode we cover:

  • The difference between thoughts and beliefs and how they relate to the conscious and subconscious
  • How to address subconscious beliefs
  • Pointers on how to figure out what you REALLY believe
  • The Biology of Belief


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