Time and time again, I watch people get introduced to ‘The Secret’ and get SUUUUUPER excited about the fact that they can change their lives on purpose, only to watch 90% of these same people slip right back into their same lives in a matter of weeks with zero change in site. Sometimes these people regain their excitement at a later date, but for the most part, I’ve found that working with the Law of Attraction takes practice, and most people don’t like to practice.

For the rest of us who have understood the true value that is buried within the concepts of the Law of Attraction and refuse to give up working with it just because it takes extended effort, I’ve put together my best attempt at a ‘Troubleshooting’ episode that I hope will cut your ‘practice’ season short.

In this episode we cover:

  • How the idea of pregnancy and expectancy can help your mind find the perfect balance between what is coming and what is still not here.
  • The value of being BRUTALLY HONEST with YOURSELF about what you REALLY think.
  • How to use the Feng Shui of your life to show you what vibration you’re truly carrying.
  • Some uses of Muscle Testing as a tool to help you troubleshoot.

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