As a continuation of our opening ‘series’ about the foundational perspectives of New Age Christianity, the subject of today’s podcast is unavoidable. If any group chooses to have the word ‘Christianity’ in their name, it is automatically assumed that they have based their beliefs off a universally agreed-upon system of conclusions, not the least of which is the belief that the Bible is the most important source of truth we have available today. While this conclusion may not be overtly stated in the New Age Christian community on a regular basis, it is hard to overstate just how pervasive the ideas found in the Bible have been in the world as a whole, much less in the lives of those who would ascribe to being any sort of ‘Christian’.

Even though the Bible has been a beautiful source of truth and change in the world, it has also been a horrific source of lies and pain in the lives of billions. Whether people know it or not, the Bible has likely been used as an excuse to create more division, death, dishonor, and daemons than any other mechanism in history. As such, we refuse to just let assumptions about this amazing book go unstated in this New Age Christian journey we’re embarking on together.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Is the Bible inerrant (perfect)?
  • How should we view the internal disagreements that seem so evident in the bible?
  • What does ‘inspired’ really mean?
  • The difference between a historical view of the Bible versus a spiritual view.
  • The #1 tool for finding spiritual ‘buried treasure’ in the pages of the Bible.

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