This is the first episode of a new series entitle “The Path to Enlightenment”. In the episode I introduce the series as a whole along with explaining some of the major concepts one will need to have in place in order to FULLY understand the episodes that are to follow.

The main question addressed in this episode as it pertains to introducing the overall series is defining what ‘enlightenment’ even is. Throughout history there have been two primary answers to this question:

  1. Enlightenment is manifesting heaven on earth. Becoming at peace with all that is, and living in such a way as to transcend all emotional pain and turmoil, no matter the circumstance.
  2. Enlightenment is emptying yourself of all limitation and transcending your very life itself. Being able to leave the body and enter into unity consciousness with God.

Personally… and for the sake of this series… I define enlightenment as being BOTH of these states combined. After all, isn’t that exactly what Jesus showed us?

In preparation for the coming series, you may want to purchase some books that I will be discussing over the coming weeks. Each week I will link to the book(s) from that specific episode, but in this introductory episode, I wanted to give a full list of books that we’ll be going over throughout the series.

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