One of the most popular questions I get asked about what it means to be a New Age Christian is, “What do you do with Jesus?”

In my experience, this question is asked by Christians and non-Christians alike and is largely the central roadblock in their minds when it comes to reconciling Christianity with ANY other form of spirituality. Where does Jesus fit into the equation? Was he a real person? Did he really need to die for our sins? Is he really the ONLY way to heaven? Etc.

In this episode, my hope is that you will be given a perspective about Jesus that reconciles EVERYTHING you’ve ever heard about Him with EVERYTHING you’ve sensed was true ‘outside’ of Him. For we all know that truth can be bigger than one single story. And we all know that God loves those who have never even heard about Jesus. The question is… how important is He to YOUR story?


In this episode we attempt to answer 3 big questions:

  1. Was Jesus a real person?
  2. Is He really the ONLY way to heaven?
  3. Why did He have to die?

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