As I look back over the last year and a half, it seems like a large number of the podcast episodes we produce at NAC are centered around this challenge of creating the life you want while understanding that there is a higher consciousness (a.k.a. God) that might now just a tincy-wincy bit more than you do about the best way to go about things. In many ways, as a New Age Christian, you may find that your ENTIRE quest of ‘spiritual’ growth has come down to the core question of, “How do I work WITH this higher consciousness in a way that most completely fulfills my desire to live an abundant and meaningful life?” (Or some version thereof.)

Once you’ve figured out that there is no one ‘up there’ who’s judging your every thought and move, you begin to have mental space for other thoughts about the meaning of life, the connection between God and humanity, the oneness of all things, and the pursuit of liberty and happiness. When this new energy finally becomes your every-day-reality, you find out that any challenge to your continued connection to God really becomes about learning the best ways to communicate with the wisdom of the One, and how to implement the things you’re ‘hearing’ in the physical.

So… In light of that broader sense of learning and growth, here is yet another episode about how to work with Spirit as you live your life. Enjoy!

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